How Eco-Friendly Are Your Lunch Habits?

What does your lunch habits say about you?  Over 1,200 UK full and part-time workers revealed they use an average of four packaging items for each lunch purchase, with 76% picking up a main item e.g. sandwich container, 70% a packet of snacks and 65% a napkin.

With the majority (64%) saying they buy lunch on the go more now than they did five years ago, this is leading to an increase in packaging waste, much of which isn’t recycled or recyclable.

Taking your lunch to work and school has many health benefits as well as saving money and reducing waste. With a little effort, taking lunch to work can be easy, inexpensive, healthy, and green!

Take your lunch in a reusable insulated bag or another carrier, with a cool pack if needed.

Use reusable containers, utensils, napkins, and cups or bottles.

Just say no to bottled water.

Skip prepackaged frozen or ready-to-eat meals.

Assemble lunch the night before and leave it in the fridge (this is especially helpful for non-morning people like me).

Get out of the office at lunch. Eat on an outdoor patio, take a walk to park, or run errands on foot!

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