Where do your products come from?

At Eco Boulevard we source products which we believe are eco-friendly, sustainable and zero waste. We source these from a mix of different places. Many are from here in the UK and the EU. In truth, some of our products are also sourced from China, but we believe the benefits of buying a reusable product for life outweigh the environmental cost of bulk shipping. As you move towards a life without plastic, you’ll see that it can be a bit of a balancing act! We freely admit that we’re still learning and looking for ways to become increasingly sustainable, but we’re always open to feedback, but we’re hoping that growing awareness and reduction are key to making a big change!


Have you achieved zero waste?

Being honest at the beginning being zero-waste seemed an extraordinary and difficult challenge but once you get going you’ll realise that the long-term benefits are worth any struggles! Sure you might find the occasional Twix packet in my handbag but I am on a journey to living without plastic, just like you!


Do you have a physical store?

Not yet. We don't have a store that you can pop into say hi to us but potentially in the future!

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