Reduce Food Waste : Lonely Bananas

Heres a tip on helping to reduce waste you may not have thought of: buy single bananas.

Have you ever seen a lonely banana? You know the ones I’m talking about. Just the single ones, on their last lease of life. Floating around on the banana stand by themselves. Queue Aakon Mr Lonely. Well in every supermarket or grocery store you go to you can always find a  few on the banana stand. These are always the first ones I grab.


Bananas not in a bunch are rarely picked up by customers, and so often they get tossed out by the grocery store. Though I can’t find the study anymore, I read once that up to 60% of all “lonely bananas” get thrown away by grocery stores because they went unsold (and eventually became too brown and spotty to sell).


So, my zero waste tip to help you reduce FOOD waste in the world, is to simply buy single bananas if they happen to be on your grocery list! I never have any troubles finding enough single bananas to put together a complete “bunch.” But if there are only a few single bananas floating around, and I still need more, then I go for the smallest bunches I can find (with only 2-3 in them).


A similar tip to this, would be to consider buying less-than-perfect looking produce when you can. Because the perfect looking ones are going to get sold no problem. On the other hand, grocery stores in America throw out 43 billion pounds of food every year, of which a large portion is produce. This food is still perfectly good to eat, but cosmetic blemishes deter many people from selecting certain fruits and vegetables over others. I’d like to write a larger post one day about how to tackle food waste, but for now my tip is simply to buy single bananas. Easy, right? 


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