4 Plates Bamboo Avocado Set

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4 Plates Bamboo Avocado Set

Bambootique has a range of picnic and kitchen 4 Plates Avocado Set that is not only good for the planet but also looks great. This Reusable Plates range contains no BPA and no phthalates, as it is composed of a bamboo composite with 60% bamboo, 35% melamine, and 5% cornstarch. Bamboo is grown sustainably and comes from chopstick offcuts.

There is something for everyone in this collection of plates, whether it's a plate or a Travel Plate. Microwaves cannot be used with this range. Both the dishwasher and the food are safe on it. Avoid using anything hotter than 70°C, as scalding can occur.


  • It's easy to use everywhere
  • Reusable and stylish plates
  • Perfect Combination for all occasions and home