Biodegradable Keep Cup
Biodegradable Keep Cup
Biodegradable Keep Cup

Biodegradable Keep Cup

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Plastic waste production is at an all-time high; it’s time to stop this excessive plastic pollution and find other ways not to use plastic in our everyday life. 

Made from bamboo composite, which contains a mix of 60% bamboo, 35% melamine, and 5% cornstarch, this reusable range contains no BPA and no phthalate for a sustainable cup that easily beats any kind of plastic. 


The material is sourced from sustainable bamboo plantations that traditionally make chopsticks for daily usage. Designed with a sophisticated avocado touch to blend in your favourite fruit, this lidded container will soon become your favorite drinking cup. 


We believe that even the tiniest step matters when it comes to saving the earth. We aim to provide you with products that are sustainable and won't adversely harm the environment. Start living sustainably; choose Eco Boulevard.


Key Features: 

  • Material: Composite Bamboo
  • With Plastic-Free Lid
  • Plastic, Bpa, Phthalate Free! 
  • Leaf Design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Non-microwaveable. 
  • Temperature Limit: 70 degrees celsius. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! 


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