Smudge Stick White Sage & Cinnamon

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Smudge Stick White Sage & Cinnamon

Bodyworkers and therapists often use Smudge Sticks before treatments to clear the aura prior to meditation or prayer. As the spiritual realm and intuition are linked, smudging has been used for centuries. It could also be a great ally against stress if one burns sage or smudge. Seashells or bowls, clay dishes, or glasses may be used for holding the sage or catching its ash, as well as a feather or fan to fan the smoke during smudging.

By burning white sage, for example, one can get rid of negative influences. It releases a sharp spicy smell during this process. Although sage is more commonly used, it is stronger than Palo Santo. Salvia Apiana is the Latin name of this power plant and it grows 100% naturally. In order to ensure that our white sage remains mold-free during transportation to Europe, the leaves were dried before they were sealed. You will be relaxed with the price.


  • Scent: Sage
  • Material: Sage
  • Item Form: Sticks
  • Product Benefits: Increase Spirituality